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From the press

From Teachers

Cell phone

In many schools and classrooms today you will still find signs simmilar to this one.

The Simpsons

Cell phone evolution

This image shows the evolution of cell phones past and present. I want to show where cell phones began and how technology has grown into what cell phones have become today.


From Teachers-interview


Student interviews

The last interview states that cell phones are a positive in the classroom.


From Parents

The press

School Administrators

More from the press

Comments from Students




Apps for Education

This is a list of applications from the App store for students. Students can download them to their phone, just like any other app. The list is endless, from flashcards, to math problems, to wood woording, to the planetarium! Most app are free, but there are a few that are just a few dollars. Having these app on students phones make learning fun, and easily accessable to them at all times!

Apps for teachers

This application allows teachers to poll their students in class and get immidiate feed back when students respond with their phone, or laptop. Teachers can create tests, as well as team building activities with this app. There are also apps for teachers to keep themselves organized as well as applications for making quizzes.

Apps for teachers and students

Teachers can get instant feed back from students. Students can text answers when the teachers poses a question. Allows opportunities for everyone in the classroom to have a voice.

New node


Students and teachers

Keeps students engaged

21st century learners

Students are 21st century learners!!

Times are changing

Bringing it all together

This mind map includes my thoughts, video interviews, articles, as well as digital pictures to make my case that cell phones should be used in classrooms. I think my ideas will come across best if I get the viewer physically involved. I will combine the text from the articles in both text form as well as voice overs from myself. I also would like to include sounds of phones ringing, busy signals, beeper alerts, etc. to connect with the viewer that we do not hear these noises very often in today society.  I will also include interviews from all points of view, students, teachers, administrators. After I have shared why cell phones  are a great tool to integrate into the classroom, I will then show what tools teachers can use and students can use to collaborate, and research in todays world of technology. Lastly I will discuss the effects of technology in the classroom and how it already has and will continue to change our classrooms. At the end of the presentation I would like the user to actually use their cell phone to rate the information they have seen by using a web 2.0 app. I want the viewer to physically be involved to again reinforce the idea that phones, and texting are "second nature".