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Eportfolio conference 2011 - Day 1 by Mind Map: Eportfolio conference 2011 - Day 1
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Eportfolio conference 2011 - Day 1

Stephen isbel

Use in occupational therapy - how using

Keynote day 1 kathleen blake yancey

Eportfolios provide a space for


Employers now want see the portfolio of the student - what students can do

Students bring class learning, discipline learing, outside learning' and use reflection inside the portfolio to cross reference and link cognitive and social learning.

See her portfolio

Colection, selection, reflextio

Eportcolio is not an eportfolio is not an eportfolio - many different purposes.

Ar hive, sele tion, representation, connections, reflections

Various models but shows us more about our students.

Linking, mapping, visual and verbal reflection

Issues, security, ip, big brother, design - disciplinary aspect, curriculum and reflection, assessment.

Universities are unique and portfolios across the world will reflect that.

Do eports make difference to stidents learning - yes retention rates and coirse completion rates.

Current moment

Day one plenary - mary ryan

Altc grant - teaching and assessing reflecti e practice

11:20am monday

Stream 1

11:50 stream 3

Developing a framework for pedagogical change.

12:20 stream 2 - meaghan botterill and wendy warren. Learning to be literate: introducing eportfolios in first year teacher education.

Underling pedagogy

Excellent strategy for teacher students incorporating capturing of teaching practice in a mltomodal way and capturing/sharing in a portfolio.

1:50 stream 1 - adopting an eportfolio as an assessment tool: investigating options. - Catherine Studdert

Managability for lecturers

Two unis and two health services

Pentagonal eportfolio model, buzetto more & alade's 2008

200 studentz

Where are we going


Pilot overview

Access to support group, acacemics/tutors, portfolio views

Deidentification of patient data

Given a specific topic to gather experience on/reflect on for each placement rotation


2:20 stream 4

Ict literacy among nurses vary widely

Converting paper based cpd certificates to e format and uploading not easy for many people

Term eportfolio can be a barrier "whats that"

Nurses need to identofy their own learning needs - a skill they need to learn

Translating the words used in standards to real world

Reflection - as a result of this learning i will

Use these cpd records in workplace appraisals as well

When audit policy is released this will be a guide for telling nurses what their eportfolios should look like

Would be good to see a nursing community of interest around nursing online in australia

2:50 stream 4 monday


Staff questions

Students questioins

Support staff

Templates and advice for how to reflect provided to staff and students.


Journal was assessed- 10 formal entries were mandatory

Sitepal - talking heads