Input & Output Devices for Computers

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Input & Output Devices for Computers by Mind Map: Input & Output Devices for Computers

1. Output Devices: pieces of hardware that move information (data that have been processed) out of the computer. The two primary output devices for most computer systems are the monitor and the printer.

1.1. Printer: used to print work such as documents or presentations; come in various types from inkjet to laser.

1.2. Monitors: A monitor displays computer information on its screen. The screen works much like a digital television screen.

2. Input Devices: includes any computer peripheral that you might use to enter data into the computer. A peripheral is any device that can be connected to a computer. The keyboard and the mouse are the most often used types of input devices.

2.1. Mouse: used to give commands and move objects on a computer screen. Multiple types from wireless to multifunctional.

2.2. Keyboard: configured like a typewriter with other multifunctional buttons included as shortcut keys.