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Keyboarding by Mind Map: Keyboarding


1.1. At first my GWAM was at 10

1.2. On my second report my GWAM went up to 26

1.3. And on my third my GWAM was the best at 35

2. Keying Criteria

2.1. The first thing that you need to do is sit up straight in your chair and put your feet flat on the floor

2.2. the second thing that you want to do is move your keyboard close to the edge so that you cant rest your arms on the desk

2.3. After that you want to put your fingers on the home row and look up at the screen and start to type

2.4. Microtype

2.4.1. At first when i started to use microtype my accuracy was at 57%

2.4.2. As time went on the next time that i tested my accuracy was up to 76%

2.4.3. The last time that i tested my accuracy was up to 89%

3. Format

3.1. Memo

3.1.1. Type 2 paragraphs no indents


3.1.3. Reference first letter of name and first letter of last name

3.1.4. The subject can be all caps if needed or wanted by wrighter

3.1.5. Only put refrence initonals if you are writing the memo for someone else

3.2. Letter

3.2.1. Your Address first then the person's you are writing it to.

3.2.2. you have to put Dear and Sincererely

3.2.3. It can be as long as needed

3.2.4. Dont forget to sign the letter when done writing it

3.2.5. Put Refrence initonals if you are writing for someone else

3.3. Email

3.3.1. Emails are normally a short paragraph

3.3.2. Emails are mostly sent through the workplace

3.3.3. You dont have to sign an email in pen you can just do it on the computer

3.3.4. An email is normally just a short paragraph on just some information

3.3.5. Emails are normally sent to 2 or 3 people

3.4. Report

3.4.1. Some times you will have to put a title page but only if you teacher asks for one

3.4.2. you have to have the page number on each page with your last name next to it

3.4.3. Dont forget to put a works cited page at the end

3.4.4. it is always good to have an images page before your works cited and after your writing

3.4.5. The report should normally be about 2 to 3 pages