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STEM by Mind Map: STEM

1. Problem Solving

1.1. Defining a Problem

1.2. Determning the Cause

1.3. Implementing Solution

2. Advance Solution

2.1. Used in Communicaion Enhancement

2.2. Tool to make World into something Bigger

2.3. Can Make our Life easier.

3. Critical Thinking Skills

3.1. Provide Alternative Solution.

3.2. To Learn Something That they really Wanted.

3.3. Allow Students to make Logical Deductions.

4. Real life Experiences

4.1. Can be easily work with the help of the subject.

4.2. Can Improve and use In Stem's Projects.

4.3. Can Improve your Skills in Daily Lives.

5. Importance-Help to Sustain Economic Growth.

6. Reminder-Increase Science Literacy for the next Generation.

7. Anna Liza Lim STEM 11 Dalton