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1. Sharing

1.1. The tumblr in order to show to the world my work inside and outside the class

1.2. Flickr to upload my own photograps in the practice: 10 things about me

1.3. Twitter, when i put some twits relationating with the education and ICTs

1.4. Hoppala and Layar to share with the other group the correct place in the Treasure Hunt

2. Reading

2.1. We collect all the information

2.2. The information that linda give us or the documents that she upload to sakai

2.3. Extra information on internet like Wikipedia, Google..

2.4. The Linda´s Twitts that are useful for the class

2.5. The instruction of the activities

2.6. The notes that we took in the class

2.7. Some words that I doubted in the translator.

3. Reflecting

3.1. the notes that i have taken in the class

3.2. Microsoft World to collect some information

3.3. The tumblr to uploade the activities and impression that we have had.

3.4. Twitter to create twitts with some situation relation with the clas RICT1112

3.5. the activies in the tumblr

3.6. Some information in the Google Docs with the member of my group