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Thinking Proccess by Mind Map: Thinking Proccess

1. Reading

1.1. In most of our classes I obtain the imformation thanks to Linda's speechs

1.2. Thanks to the document in Sakai I was able to understand everything better, know what do I have to do in my practices

1.3. Thanks to Twitter I have learn everything about different ways of teaching, about my teacher and classmates opinions about the course

1.4. With Tumblr I can see my classmates work in order to have an idea of what do I have to do

1.5. After some classes I usually used Google/ Wikipedia to look for more imformation

1.6. Some of the new Tools were difficult to use correctly so, in forums and tutorials I found the correct imformation

1.7. Some Youtube Videos were also so usefull, helping me to see some graphic examples or speeces made by different person

1.8. Is easy to find some articles in newspaper about education and education 2.0 and how technology is getting importance in the classes

1.9. Playing the TH we received the clues by Whatsapp

1.10. NeoReader to read the QR of the TH that we played

1.11. Layar while we were playing the TH

2. Reflecting

2.1. During Linda's classes, I always use my notebook and my pencil to write all the main information

2.2. Hoppala (for create the POIs) and after Layer were where I reflected our TH

2.3. Before upload all my practices and made my documents I use Microsoft Word

2.4. I use Power Point to do all my presentations

2.5. GoogleDocs has been quite usefull too to reflect my work

2.6. We record all the videos and the pictures with my mobile phone

2.7. I'm Twitter I reflect my ideas and opinions, what do I find more important

2.8. QRcode generator to create the QR for our TH

2.9. Mindmeister, were I create all my PLEs

3. Sharing

3.1. Twitter is a usefull tool in our diary classes, with it, we are continuously shearing imformation and opinions

3.2. GoogleDocs has improved our group work and organization

3.3. Thanks to Flickr and my presentation everybody was able to discover ten things about myself

3.4. All my work (practices and what I have learn in each class) in mi personal blog, Posterous

3.5. Hotmail and Gmail in order to have all the work made by the different components of the group

3.6. During the TH I shared my count in Layar in order to carry out the game

3.7. Some of the pictures that I have take during this course are in Tuenti

3.8. Thanks to Whatsapp I can contact with the members of my group.

3.9. In Youtube yo can find the videos that we have record for our group practices