Thinking Process

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Thinking Process by Mind Map: Thinking Process

1. Reading

1.1. Linda's lectures are very useful and also if its are acompanied with slides.

1.2. Documents from SAKAI that Linda upload for us

1.3. Manual notes that we take every day in class

1.4. Social network, Twitter, that Linda has introduced in our lifes, like a diarly tool.

1.5. Also, videos from Youtube that gave to us more important information and in a good way

1.6. Looking extra information on the Internet, like in Translators, Wikipedia, and different pages related to our works (pages of museums, for the TH)

2. Reflecting

2.1. We reflect our works, in many differents ways, the most important and general is with Tumblr

2.2. Also, doing PLE's schemes

2.3. With presentations of pictures, using Flickr

2.4. As a first proof, we use notes in paper or notes in Word

2.5. In the TH we reflect all our clues and POIs using

2.5.1. Layar

2.5.2. Hoppala

2.5.3. Youtube

2.5.4. Whatsapp

2.5.5. QRcodes

2.6. One of the most important too, was Google docs, new for us and very useful and easy, we put in common all the groupal information in it.

2.7. During the practice Let's twit, we need to use Twitter like a work tool, and also publish in it useful information

2.8. In blogger, where we present our TH

3. Sharing

3.1. We shared in the big planet of Internet, with all people that wants visit our

3.1.1. Tumblr

3.1.2. Blog

3.2. All works are presented in Tumblr for the teacher and also for classmates

3.3. Thanks to the Smartphones, we can share lot of information where ever we want for example using

3.3.1. Whatsapp

3.3.2. Tuenti

3.3.3. Twitter

3.3.4. Facebook

3.4. Flickr presentations and also videos that we have recorded for the TH that it is in Youtube

3.5. Layar and Hoppala for could do properly the TH