Life On The Goldfields

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Life On The Goldfields by Mind Map: Life On The Goldfields

1. Food On The Goldfields

1.1. Damper, mutton with potatoes and onion. Drank billy tea, mutton or rabbit stew and ate salted beef jerky.

1.2. If they were lucky:

1.2.1. Cabbage and carrots

1.2.2. Chickens and ducks

1.2.3. Honey with damper

1.3. Sometimes:

1.3.1. Kangaroo or wallaby

1.4. Some people traded with Chinese to get fruit and vegetables

2. Entertainment On The Goldfields

2.1. Theatre

2.1.1. Lola Montez was a famous actress She was showered with small gold nuggets after a performance

2.2. Boxing Saloon in Ballarat

2.3. Dancers

2.4. Prostitutes (eww)

2.5. Grog tents (like bars and pubs) for drinking

2.5.1. Banned in beginning, grog tents disguised as cafes

3. Schooling On The Goldfields

3.1. Started as giant tents

3.2. Parents paid a fee for kids to come to school

3.3. Not very good quality

3.3.1. If at a popular goldfield, proper schools were built

3.4. If no:

3.4.1. Pupils, teachers moved home to a place where there were students

3.4.2. Teachers, students simply waited for a teacher to come

4. Families On The Goldfields

4.1. Women and children were rare on the goldfields

4.1.1. Men shared house-keeping duties

4.2. When husbands found gold, brang over family

4.2.1. After a while kids came with parents

4.2.2. December 1852 12000 children on Victorian diggings

4.3. Younger kids :

4.3.1. Carried wood

4.3.2. Looked after their home

4.3.3. Cared for horses

4.3.4. Fossicked among leftover sand

4.4. Older children worked as hard as adults

5. Clothing On The Goldfields

5.1. Women's Clothes

5.1.1. Plain unwired petticoats and horsehair pads were in the pockets of big gowns

5.2. Men's Clothes

5.2.1. Bright red or blue shirt, colourful kerchief, moleskin trousers and and a "wide-awake" hat

5.3. Chinese Clothes

5.3.1. Traditional with loose blue shirt and trousers and cone-shaped straw hats

5.4. Different classes had different kinds of clothes to wear

6. Homes On The Goldfields

6.1. In Ballarat 40 000 people lived together in tents

6.2. On soon to be popular goldfields, men built huts from bark or slabs

6.3. Popular kinds of houses were:

6.3.1. The "wattle and daub" house

6.3.2. Tents

6.4. The kitchen was detached from the rest of the house

7. Sickness On The Goldfields

7.1. Caused by:

7.1.1. Bad food

7.1.2. Poor living conditions

7.1.3. Working outside in all weather

7.2. Illnesses

7.2.1. Diptheria

7.2.2. Whooping cough

7.2.3. Measles

7.2.4. Typhoid

7.2.5. Scarlet fever

7.2.6. Pneumonia

7.3. Better to avoid doctors than pay a high price for a useless cure

7.4. Cuts, injuries, snake and spider bites could be deadly

8. Shopping On The Goldfields

8.1. Very expensive

8.1.1. Partly because of transport to goldfields

8.1.2. Partly because shopowners knew that miners had to pay the high price or starve

8.2. Usually women were the shopkeepers

8.3. Chinese people set up medicine shops and market gardens

9. Make sure to only open one topic at a time because there is a lot of information.