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PLE: My RICT Tools by Mind Map: PLE: My RICT Tools

1. To Read

1.1. Physical Milieu

1.1.1. No photocopies or phsical printed documents were given to us.

1.1.2. Interaction with partners

1.2. Virtual Milieu

1.2.1. Internet Browser Web 2.0 Treasure Hunt Adobe Reader Online Blogger YouTube Google Maps and Street Viewer Treasure Hunt applications (only for reading information about them) Webpages 2.0 Practices 10 Things about myself (Flickr) Let's twitt! Google Docs Theoretical Classes Tons of webpages were used to gather additional information about PLE's, Hypertext and Hypermedia, Web 2.0... Tumblr (only for reading) Wordreference (to check my spelling)

2. To Reflect and To Do

2.1. Physical Milieu

2.1.1. Practices 10 Things about myself Pencil and Paper Let's twitt! Pencil and Paper Google Docs Pencil and Paper Cooperative and grupal work

2.1.2. Treasure Hunt Pencil and Paper Cooperative and grupal work

2.2. Virtual Milieu

2.2.1. Practices 10 Things about myself Flickr Microsoft Office Word Tumblr Camera Let's twitt! Twitter Microsoft Office Word Tumblr Google Docs GDocs Microsoft Office Tumblr

2.2.2. Treasure Hunt Microsoft Office PowerPoint Word SlideShare Movie Maker YouTube Blogger Treasure Hunt applications Hoppala Layar QR Code Generator Tumblr Camera Smartphone

2.2.3. Theoretical Classes Tumblr

3. To Share

3.1. Physical Milieu

3.1.1. Practices People conversation and talking about how practices were and intercharging opinions in class.

3.1.2. Treasure Hunt Photocpies with the instructions (level, age, game masters, phone numbers, QR Code...) which was given to the group which had to make the activity.

3.1.3. Theoretical Classes People interaction and conversation about Lectures.

3.2. Virtual Milieu

3.2.1. Practices 10 Things about me Flickr Tumblr Let's twitt! Social Networks Tumblr Google Docs GDocs Tumblr

3.2.2. Treasure Hunt Blogger Views and Sounds from Murcia Blog YouTube Tumblr Gmail Layar (sharing the Layer with the corresponding group)

3.2.3. Theoretical Classes Tumblr