Laughter Out of Place

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Laughter Out of Place by Mind Map: Laughter Out of Place

1. Laughter of a Group

1.1. Keeps insiders in and outsiders out.

1.2. "Vehicle for expressing sentiments."

1.3. Challenges power.

2. Problem of Power

2.1. Problem 1

2.2. New node

2.3. Problem 2

3. HIstory of Brazil

3.1. Sugar Production=Slavery (beginning early 1500's, leader by early 1800's)

3.2. Gold & Diamond Production=African Slave Labor (beginning in early 1700's

3.3. Absolutists, Moderate Liberals, Exaltados (mid 1800's)

3.4. Coffee Production (1900's)

3.5. Immigration from Europe (1900's)

3.6. New Constitution drafted (1988)- Protection of citizens?

3.7. Inequality and Injustice (current)

4. Rio de Janeriro

4.1. 2nd Largest city in Brazil

4.1.1. Rio vs Sao Paulo

4.1.2. Gross poverty vs Incredible wealth

4.2. 2nd Most important port

4.3. Working class so far removed from middle and upper classes

4.4. Idea 4

5. Race in Brazil

5.1. Mesticagem

5.1.1. blending into a single national identity

5.2. More of a Social than Legal Problem

5.3. De-Africanization

5.3.1. too closely associated with slavery

5.4. United States vs Brazil

5.5. Black Cinderella

6. Gloria

6.1. Empregada- domestic worker

6.1.1. $6 a day

6.2. Faxineira- heavy-duty day cleaner

6.3. Childhood not much different from slavery