Life On The Goldfields

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Life On The Goldfields by Mind Map: Life On The Goldfields

1. Clothing

1.1. Men's Clothes

1.1.1. Loose fitting and comfortable clothes

1.1.2. Loose trousers tied with a belt or rope

1.1.3. Long sleeved shirts

1.2. Women's Clothes

1.2.1. Wore goofy clothing

1.2.2. Dresses with high necks

1.2.3. Comfortable boots

1.3. Children's Clothes

1.3.1. Loose clothing

1.3.2. Sturdy shoes

2. Food

2.1. Tea

2.1.1. Very popular

2.2. Mutton

2.2.1. Very popular

2.3. Flour

2.3.1. Not that popular

2.4. Damper

2.4.1. Very popular

3. Homes

3.1. Tents

3.1.1. Heaps of tents were beside a river where they could do alluvial mining.That place became known as the tent city

3.2. Wooden houses

3.2.1. There were not as more as tents

4. Sicknesses

4.1. Tetanus

4.1.1. infectious, often fatal disease caused by a specific bacterium

4.2. Typhiod

4.2.1. infectious, often fatal, febrile disease Salmonella typhi caused it

4.3. Scurvy

4.3.1. disease marked by swollen and bleeding gums caused by Vitamin C deficiency

4.4. Hysteria

4.4.1. psychoneurotic disorder characterized by violent emotional outbreaks characterized by violent emotional outbreaks which causes diarrhoea

4.5. Cholera

4.5.1. infectious disease Caused by dirty water and food with contact to bacteria

5. Children's Life

5.1. Their lives were very hard!They do alot of chores in their house while their parents dig for gold.

5.2. The children mine for gold too

6. Schooling

6.1. The dumb teachers didn't teach the students much so the students didn't receive much knowledge

7. Entertainment

7.1. Smoking is an awful addict to miners.

7.2. They listened to music

7.3. Story tellers told hilarious stories

7.4. Hunting animals entertained them too

8. Shopping

8.1. Tools Shop

8.2. Drugs Store

8.2.1. They sell Tobbaco.

8.3. Food store

8.4. Some intelligent swindlers hid gold specks in their hair while trading money with gold