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me by Mind Map: me

1. quick, analytic and strategic thinker

1.1. university degree bachelor of arts

1.1.1. major: communication & cultural management focus on strategic marketing & corporate communication bachelor-thesis about internal branding and the brand as a leadship instrument

1.1.2. minor: corporate management & economics

1.2. faible for politics and philosophy in theory and the real life

2. highly passionate about digital

2.1. active part of the digital sphere

2.1.1. observer my bookmarks my netvibes starting page

2.1.2. producer my blog my twitter friendfeed youtube, flickr etc.

2.1.3. member LinkedIn Xing Facebook StudiVZ

2.2. know trends and technology

2.2.1. proficient in photoshop, illustrator, html & css, basic programming knowledge

2.2.2. experience in website building

3. experience in the real world

3.1. own business

3.1.1. Amuzaj Vertriebs-KG

3.1.2. webdesign

3.2. agency & consulting

3.2.1. OgilvyOne, Bahrain

3.2.2. BBDO Consulting, Dusseldorf

3.2.3. student consultancy "WhyKnot"

3.3. projects

3.4. international

3.4.1. worked in bahrain for ogilvyone

3.4.2. mexico for a foreign semester

3.5. BTL marketing

3.5.1. PoS promotions

3.5.2. event moderation