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Chapter 2 Applied (The Seven Properties) by Mind Map: Chapter 2   Applied  (The
Seven Properties)
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Chapter 2 Applied (The Seven Properties)

Frequent Delivery

Sponsors critical feedback

Users discoveries

Developers focus

Debug development and deployment processes

Reflective Improvement

Identification of errors

Improvement discussion

Reflective workshop

Interation retrospective

Implementation of new ideas

Osmotic Communication

Close communication

Feedback rate high

Personal Safety


Revealing one's ignorance

Revealing a mistake

Revealing one's incapability on an assignment




Knowledge of project

Develop regular report meeting

Give demos

Demand to fix run-time bugs

Easy Access to Export Users

Deploy and test frequent deliveries

Rapid feedback on finished product

Rapid feedback on design decisions

Up to date requirements

Technical Environment

Automated Testing

Acceptance test

Usability test

Configuration management

Develop code

Back Changes

Frequent Intergration