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1. Critical Thinking

1.1. Evaluating Information for necessity

1.2. Analyzing Information for content

1.3. Deciding if information is Fact or Fiction

1.4. Being able to support a claim

1.5. Deciding if Information is Relevant or not

2. Ideas and Resources for teachers

2.1. Other teachers within the school

2.2. College Classes

2.3. Podcasts

2.4. Other Teachers on from interactive websites

2.5. Professional Publications

3. Teacher Led

3.1. Guided Instruction

3.1.1. Blogs

3.1.2. Podcasts

3.1.3. Smartboards

3.1.4. Teaching content in front of group

3.2. Resources for Students

3.2.1. Other Teachers

3.2.2. Internet

3.2.3. Other adults in the community

3.3. Background information

3.3.1. Make content relevant to the student

3.3.2. Technology Teaching students how to use it effectively

3.3.3. Metacognition

4. Collaborative

4.1. Face to Face Collaboration

4.1.1. Whole Group

4.1.2. Small Group

4.2. Through Technology

4.2.1. Classrooms everywhere

4.2.2. Wikkis

4.2.3. Webcams

4.2.4. Blogs

4.2.5. E-mails with other students and teachers

4.3. Providing more discussions on topic

5. Independent

5.1. Comprehension of Material

5.2. Presentations of Material

5.2.1. Creating a video game to teach material

5.2.2. Oral and Written Presentations Powerpoints Movies You Tube Voice Thread iMovie Books Animated Comic Books Audio Books