Print On Demand Business

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Print On Demand Business by Mind Map: Print On Demand Business

1. Understanding the Concpet

1.1. Traditional Method

1.1.1. Products manufactured in bulk

1.1.2. Inventory for each size/color/variant kept in stores

1.1.3. Sold to customers through physical stores, malls, exhibition, etc

1.2. Print On Demand Method

1.2.1. Products are not manufactured until the product is sold

1.2.2. Only the color/size/variant which is need is manufactured after the customer places order

1.2.3. After manufacture it is shipped to the customer

2. Factors to pay attention to

2.1. Niche/Design/Product

2.1.1. Forcing a customer a buy a product is not a sustainable business

2.1.2. You have to research what the customer actually wants to print on the product eg: tshirt, phone case, etc

2.1.3. Can try out some evergrenn niches like products for birthday, anniversaries, etc

2.1.4. Recent trends and what kind of design can you sell on which product

2.1.5. Products can also be personalized according the the design the customer wants

2.2. Marketing & Sales

2.2.1. What will be your sales channel? You can sell it on marketplaces like Amazon, Flipkart, etc Or you can have your own website, etc

2.2.2. How will you drive traffic to your store? Organic & Direct Using SEO on marketplaces and Google Driving traffic from social media to your store Driving traffic from emails, blogs, forum to your store Paid As Facebook Ads, Google Ads Influencer Marketing

2.3. Production Partner

2.3.1. In which country does the production partner operate in? This is important as shippin time will depend on this This also has some impact on taxes

2.3.2. Products & Prices offered by Production Partner Check if all the sizes/colors/variants are provided by the production partner Prices of the products shouldn't be too high as it will kill your margins

2.3.3. Fulfillment Times & Product Quality Check the avg. fulfillment and shipping times for each products as customer hate to wait for long times If prices are less it should not affect the product quality.

3. Pros & Cons

3.1. Pros

3.1.1. Zero/low inventory

3.1.2. Low starting investment

3.1.3. Unlimited/Highly personalized designs/products available to sell

3.1.4. Quick & easy to get started with this business

3.2. Cons

3.2.1. Increased fulfillment times

3.2.2. Profit margins reduced