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Identity by Mind Map: Identity

1. Self-identity

1.1. How I view myself, as well as my values, actions and thoughts in relation with myself, the world and others.

2. My interests

2.1. I like to practice sports, football and tennis are the ones I enjoy the most and also like to spend time outdoors.

2.2. I have a strong interest in sustaintability and want to work in consulting helping organizations and companies to implement projects that do not hurt the environment.

3. My personality

3.1. I am a quiet person that likes to do things my own way and often has trouble speaking my mind because I prefer to avoid conflict.

3.2. I have a close relationship with my family and friends as I deeply care about people I love.

4. Parts of identity

4.1. Environment where I grew up

4.2. People who I have a relationship with

4.3. My hobbies and things I enjoy