Planning for Milestone Reports

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Planning for Milestone Reports by Mind Map: Planning for Milestone Reports

1. Ministry

2. a. What progress has been made towards achieving these goals? b. What evidence supports this? c. What are the key lessons for the cluster? d. What are the next steps towards achieving the outcome?

3. How do we do this?

4. What is available?

5. Who is our audience?

5.1. Us, Our Principals, Our Schools, Our BoT

5.1.1. New node

6. What issues might arise?

6.1. Writing to non performing schools

7. Why do we write them?

8. Who do we gather data from?

8.1. Teachers

8.2. Children

8.3. Principals

8.3.1. Leading learning

8.4. community

9. What does data say about progress towards our goals?

10. What does data say about the success of the programme implementation?

11. EPS

12. [email protected]

12.1. Key messages

12.2. Succinct

12.3. So what...where to from here?

12.4. Thoughts changed?

12.5. Practice changed?

12.6. Transference of learning

13. Evidence of Best Practice

13.1. Meeting Cluster goals

14. Ministry requirement

15. Lines up goals with workshops

15.1. Meetings prior to conferences for collaborative planning

16. Ulearn

17. New node

18. What constitutes data?

18.1. Quantitative

18.1.1. Surveys, rating scales

18.2. Qualitative

18.2.1. Quotes, anecdotal,