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Animals by Mind Map: Animals

1. Needs

1.1. Gases

1.2. Water

1.3. Foods

1.3.1. Plants

1.3.2. Meats

1.4. Shelters

2. Habitats

2.1. Forests

2.2. Deserts

2.3. Water

2.4. Glassland

2.5. Tundra

3. Life cycles

3.1. Vertebrate**Three stages -- before birth, young and adult

3.2. Insects**Four stages--egg, larva, pupa, adult

4. In the past

4.1. Dinosaurs

5. Classification

5.1. Vertebrate

5.1.1. Reptiles Cold-blooded Have scales Lay eggs Breathe air e.g. snakes, turtles

5.1.2. Amphibians Cold-blooded Breathe both in lands and water Lay eggs e,g, frogs, toad

5.1.3. Birds Warm-blooded Covered by feathers Have wings Lay eggs e.g. chickens, ducks

5.1.4. Fish Cold blooded Have fins and scales Lay eggs Have gill to breathe e.g.shakes, eel

5.1.5. Mammals Warm-blooded Born baby Have hair and fur on body e.g. cats, dogs, human

5.2. Non-vertebrate

5.2.1. Insects