US Environmental Issues

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US Environmental Issues by Mind Map: US Environmental Issues

1. Deforestation

1.1. Student 5: Cause - Companies chop down entire forests at a time to clear out land for things like houses, malls, and more.

1.2. Student 6: Effect - Major loss of biodiversity since these forests and patches of trees are home to many types of animals.

2. Air Pollution

2.1. Student 7: Cause - One of the biggest causes of air pollution is the burning of things like fossil fuels.

2.2. Student 8: Effect - This has been proven to be a contributor to climate change, holes in the ozone layer, and respiratory problems for those who live in these conditions for long periods of time.

3. Water Pollution

3.1. Student 3: Cause - Large corporations contribute by allowing chemical runoff and sewage to enter bodies of water. Normal citizens and tourists often cloud the water with unwanted trash as well.

3.2. Student 4: Effect - Many animals will die because they do not have clean water to exist in. If something like oil or a dangerous chemical were to fall into the water it would not be safe for humans either and the area would lose money since people do not want to go there.

4. Overexhausting Resources

4.1. Student 1: Cause - Companies mine certain non-renewable resources such as coal more quickly than they can replenish.

4.2. Student 2: Effect - The country will run out of the resources and there will be a period of time in which they do not exist until they are able to renew again.