Assure Online

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Assure Online by Mind Map: Assure Online

1. Customer signs into My Telecom or is linked to My Telecom

1.1. Customer logs incident

1.2. Reviews incident

1.2.1. Action required? Yes Customer performs action Chorus referral No Customer exits My Telecom

2. Runs initial diagnostic

2.1. Fault detected

2.1.1. Customer/CSR can self resolve Resolution workflow Contact Centre Calls Customer

2.1.2. Customer/CSR cannot self resolve Customer signs in to My Telecom Customer logs incident Customer registers with My Telecom Customer logs incident CSR escalates

2.2. Fault not detected

2.2.1. Self resolution options

2.2.2. Escalate to CSR if in IVR workflow

3. Customer identifies issue

3.1. Searches online for help

3.1.1. Locates Telecom 'Help & Support' Live chat Calls Contact Centre Browses RN content Customer signs into My Telecom

4. Self resolution options

4.1. Resolves issue

4.2. Issue not resolved

4.2.1. Customer decides to escalate issue Customer signs into My Telecom or is linked to My Telecom

4.2.2. Customer attempts another option

5. Trigger for customer to review incident

5.1. Customer receives notification that action is required

5.1.1. Customer linked to My Telecom

5.2. Customer reviews incident

5.2.1. Customer signs into My Telecom

6. Customer logs incident

6.1. Run initial diagnostic

6.1.1. Customer reviews fault details Customer selects preferred communication method Opts for email Opts for call back

7. Live chat

7.1. Runs initial diagnostic

7.1.1. Chorus referral

7.1.2. Resolution workflow

8. Calls Contact Centre

8.1. Runs initial diagnostics

9. Trigger for CSR to review incident

10. Browse RN content

10.1. Self resolution options

10.2. Runs initial diagnostics

10.3. Calls Contact Centre

10.4. Live chat

10.5. Customer signs in to My Telecom

11. Resolution Workflow

11.1. Present workflow step

11.1.1. Customer completes workflow step Run diagnostic to confirm fix Fixed Not fixed

12. Contact Centre Calls Customer

12.1. Performs fix

12.2. Instructs customer to perform fix

12.3. Chorus referral

13. Chorus referral

13.1. Customer schedules time

13.1.1. Customer provides contact details