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Habits of mind by Macee & georgia by Mind Map: Habits of mind by Macee & georgia
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Habits of mind by Macee & georgia

ask questions

when something is hard

to find out an answer

if you cant remember something

learn forever

born to adut

go wow!

something cool happens

someone wins a games

see the funny side

if you make a mistake

call someone the wrong name


on mat

at home

when someone is talking to you

be clear

talking to someone


lose a game

try new ideas

at camp

doing a sport

playing a new game

use past knowlege

diary writing

at a sport you have played before

think about thinking

reading more of a book

make it right

measuring something

editing work


hand writing

think flexibly

creative thinking

making a game for a party

five senss



stop and think

crossing the road

going to bully someone


calling someone


trying something new

work with others

playing sport

buddy work

maths time

create and innovate

creative thinking

make up a game

in a fight