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Globalisation by Mind Map: Globalisation

1. Production of goods

2. communication technology

3. Charities

4. economics

5. Maori Tattoos on video game characters

6. conditions of workers

7. child labourers

8. anti-suicide nets in Chinese factories

9. Ryan's Well

10. World Vision

11. Amnesty international

12. What do student buy that comes from other countries? How are they globally linked?

13. Fair Trade

14. Trade Aid

15. What New Zealand products are in demand?

16. How do we find out world news?

17. John Paul Gautier Maori look

18. How does our choice as consumers affect production?

19. Outsourcing

20. NZ Major exports-Meat-Wool

21. What are working conditions like verseas?

22. How are we linked to other people in other countries?

23. Skype, Twitter, YouTube