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Life Plan by Mind Map: Life Plan

1. Middle Childhood

1.1. Physical

1.1.1. At this age I was still developing normally, however my height began to slow compared to other girls, I was still not significantly shorter, but was shorter than most. I began to get interested in sports, thus continuing to develop new and better motor skills. This is also the time I began my menstrual cycle, earlier than some girls.

1.2. Cognitive

1.2.1. My cognitive abilities became very pronounced during this stage. I was performing well above average in class, and even in first grade I acted as a sort of TA for my teacher by having kids read books to me and I would grade their performance. After 3rd grade I chose to be tested for the Honors 4-5-6 grade class, and passed. After 5th grade, my teacher contacted the school district to have me tested to skip 6th grade; I scored a 96% and went straight from 5th grade to 7th grade.

1.3. Personality

1.3.1. I was fairly social and interacted with both and girls equally at school. Although I have never been too affected by the opinions of others, I did suffer periods of low self esteem due to teasing, especially by close friends who thought they were just being funny. I was also a very big tomboy. After I joined the Honors class I lost many friends who felt that I thought I was somehow better than them. All of these contributed to teasing from my peers. Because of all this, I struggled to find an identity and to make true friends.

2. Adolescence

2.1. Physical

2.1.1. I continued to grow until about 10th grade when my height reached 5'2". My body developed as any woman's does, with the onset of puberty.

2.2. Cognitive

2.2.1. I continued to be enrolled in Honors classes and performed at a high academic level. I showed great proficiency in math and musical abilities. I began to play flute, which I did for 6 years. I had the normal beliefs of egocentrism and self consciousness. My abilities to learn quickly and memorized large amounts of information for a short time became very helpful. I followed through with Honors and AP classes until graduation.

2.3. Personality

2.3.1. As I began making more friends and developing my sense of self, I gradually moved out of my tomboy stage. I became good friends with many people in the Honors classes as well as in Band. This was also a time when Instant Messaging and cell phones became popular, increasing my communication with friends, as well as my motor skills of texting and typing. Because of my egocentrism, I sought autonomy and therefore battled often with my parents and instead turned to friends. Romantic relationships also began to be explored, although I developed much slower in terms of sexual intimacy due to religious beliefs.

3. Young Adulthood

3.1. Physical

3.1.1. By this stage I have finished growing vertically. I found that my metabolism slowed down a bit and I find myself having to exercise more and watch what I eat. I notice that stress takes quite a toll on my body and mind, causing me to eat more, be more irritable, and have tension in my back. Overall I have been in good health with no major health problems. I hope to continue being in good health and having good motor skills.

3.2. Cognitive

3.2.1. My cognitive skills continue to develop, with more logical and in depth decision making and problem solving. I perform fairly well in school, with any low grades being a result of laziness or procrastination rather than cognitive abilities. I hope to keep my cognitive abilities sharp as I age through young adulthood.

3.3. Personality

3.3.1. At this stage I have defined my identity and developed a strong sense of self. I am social yet enjoy my alone time. I have many friends with whom I regularly interact. I am comfortable with who I am and have found my personal values and beliefs. I know what I enjoy and in which direction I would like my career to lead. I also had a 4 year relationship during this time. In the future, I plan to find someone and get married, sustain many friendships, and have children.

4. Infancy and Toddlerhood

4.1. Physical

4.1.1. I developed at a normal rate. Although I am short and come from a short family, there was not yet a noticeable difference in my body's development as compared to other infants. My motor skills developed regularly. I was also well nourished and breastfed.

4.2. Cognitive

4.2.1. Cognitively, I also developed at a normal rate. I said my first word before I was a year old. I was curious and often played (experimented) with any and all objects and toys.

4.3. Personality

4.3.1. I was a securely attached child. I was comfortable with or without my parents around, but was happier and more secure when they were around. My mom told me I was a "screamer" however, although it had nothing to do with proximity to her or separation anxiety. Ironically, I was still an easy, positive baby.

5. Middle Adulthood

5.1. Physical

5.1.1. In this stage I would like to maintain a healthy lifestyle through proper nutrition and exercise. I want to take as much care of my body as possible so as to age as well as possible.

5.2. Cognitive

5.2.1. I hope to be able to keep my cognitive abilities as sharp as possible. I am an avid reader and puzzle-doer, so I plan to continue to do so. I plan to never stop learning, even though I will not be in a formal education setting.

5.3. Personality

5.3.1. I want to have lasting and fulfilling friendships, as well as a healthy relationship with my spouse. I hope to be happy and comfortable with my career choices, making changes if need be. I also hope to be able to handle the stresses well that accompany parenthood and marriage.

6. Late Adulthood

6.1. Physical

6.1.1. Although I wish to postpone aging as long as possible, I know it is inevitable, so I hope to be able to deal with it well. I want to stay active to keep my body healthy and to decrease my risk for disease or other health problems. As for the graying hair, I will be dying my hair!

6.2. Cognitive

6.2.1. I wish to continue learning throughout my life and engaging in activities that exercise my cognitive abilities. I will probably be doing a lot of reading during this stage as I will be retired at some point.

6.3. Personality

6.3.1. I wish to be able to cope well with the changes that occur from retirement and other life events such as deaths and grandchildren. I hope to continue to have a solid marriage. I would like to be happy and financially comfortable; as stress free as possible.

7. Preschool Period

7.1. Physical

7.1.1. I continued to develop normally. I was well nourished and still at an average height and weight. I was healthy, with the exception of an occasional cold. My motor skills developed rapidly; I was able to tie my shoes, do simple puzzles, and developed handedness with respect to my right hand.

7.2. Cognitive

7.2.1. I started to show above-average behaviors at this age. Although by no means highly gifted, my language skills developed rapidly, and I preferred social communication as opposed to private speech. I loved puzzles and activities that posed challenges.

7.3. Personality

7.3.1. I regularly attended a family child-care center where I had many opportunities to socialize and interact with other children. My memory must have been well developed as well considering I can recall many events and activities from this stage. I also created many friendships that have lasted well into my young adulthood.

8. Death

8.1. Physical

8.1.1. I would hope to not die as a result of physical complications, such as heart attack, accident, or disease. As with most people, if I had the choice, I would choose to pass in my sleep. I hope that before I die, I am still able to function physically and in good health.

8.2. Cognitive

8.2.1. I hope to have good cognition before I die, with no dementia or Alzheimers. I also hope to be able to cope mentally with the inevitable coming of death.

8.3. Personality

8.3.1. I hope that until death I am able to maintain good relations with family and friends. I hope to stay social and happy and generous throughout my life. I hope to die happy and peacefully.