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macbeth by Mind Map: macbeth

1. macbeth

1.1. brutal scenes he creates in the battle (act 1 scene 2)

1.2. excellent soilder, brutal graphic violence gets praised

1.3. nothing can beat him, no remorse

1.4. 'till he unseam'd him from the nave to th'chaps

1.5. power hungry. been told by duncan that he will not be made king, plots to kill the eldest son. helps set up what kind of king duncan is. introduces light/dark

1.6. doesn't want to kill duncan at first. regicide, owes him duty, protect him, no other reason to kill duncan expect his own want to become king.

1.7. ambition inside takes over- influenced supernatural manipulation, enticing to kill for them

2. duncan

2.1. loved as king

2.2. tries to set up a good life for macbeth

2.3. will not make macbeth king but help him grow. another reason to push macbeth to kill him?

3. lady macbeth

3.1. treated as an equal by macbeth even though women were really low in the social order with no power, he as a man in power still made sure she felt and was treated as an equal even though it was out of the norm.

3.2. she doesn't believe macbeth has what it takes to become king

3.3. maniplusltion starts with kindness

3.4. stronger than macbeth

3.5. come up with the plan to murder duncan, how to do it and cover there tracks

4. banquo

4.1. first meeting with the witches interested in what the witches have to say, not intimidated as he questions them.

4.1.1. engrossed/trapped/internal struggle

4.2. voice of reason

4.3. knows the weird sisters want to see people suffer, cause pain. no trust unlike macbeth and the witches

4.4. suspisions of macbeth make him a threat. banquos children are said to become kings, also a threat to macbeths reign

5. weird sisters/witches

5.1. right from the start macbeth and the witches are linked (act 1 scene 1)

5.2. themes: mortality vs immortality

5.3. 'fair is foul and foul is fair'

5.4. vindictive nature of witches, scene with the sailor and his wife

5.4.1. will not allow the sailor to sleep, ends up driving him ti the point of insanity 'forbid. weary sennights nine times nine, shall he dwindle, peak, and pine......tempest-toss'd' foreshadowing (macbeth)

6. macduff

7. malcom and donaldbain

8. ross