The Open University Mission and History

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The Open University Mission and History by Mind Map: The Open University Mission and History

1. Regional, National and International Institution

1.1. Open Access

1.1.1. Our Students Student Survey

1.2. Local and Online support

1.2.1. Where is the OU

1.3. UK's Largest University

1.3.1. OU in Scotland, Wales, Northern Ireland and English Regions

1.4. Equality and Diversity Commitment and Principles

1.4.1. Community Partnerships

1.5. International Reach

1.5.1. Partnerships to license and validate courses

2. 40 Years of Broadcasting and partnership with the BBC

2.1. Academic Expertise in Teaching and Public Engagement

2.2. Dedicated Multiplatform Broadcasting Unit

2.2.1. Success with Tv, Online and Print

2.2.2. Archive used for Educational Purpose

2.3. Content regularly commissioned for OU site on iTunes U and You Tube

3. Research expertise

3.1. Academic staff and research students

3.2. Research online

3.3. Ethics

3.4. Knowledge Transfer

3.5. OU Research on YouTube

4. Innovation in teaching and technologies

4.1. Expertise in pedagogy

4.2. Expertise in knowledge media

4.3. Free learning resources

4.4. Expertise in interdisciplinary teaching