Firmer and Gentler Relationship

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Firmer and Gentler Relationship by Mind Map: Firmer and Gentler Relationship

1. Respect Individuality

1.1. Give higher regard by appreciating the uniqueness of every member

1.2. Respect can be earned without comparing one with another

2. Model the behavior

2.1. setting yourself as an example that is worth following to other members

3. Explain expectations and consequences

3.1. Let every family member understand their responsibility

3.2. consequences must be clarified, so they will also know their accountability.

4. Give love and forgiveness

4.1. give love and accept love

4.2. it is the core of relationships to make it stronger and better

5. Nurture trust

5.1. promotes dignity and integrity in the relationship.

5.2. it challenges the person to do better because others

6. Listen attentively

6.1. Give your attention to the one who has concerns

6.2. enables you to understand the motives, feelings, and ideas of others

6.3. deeper the understanding between each family member, the stronger the family is.

7. Remember God

7.1. Acknowledge God as the Source, great provider,

7.2. and the center of the relationship.

7.3. pleasing both to God and others.

8. Learn good communication

8.1. promotes knowledge and understanding of the situation in the family.

8.2. expressing one's concerns and feelings, not blaming and condemning others.

9. Foster unity

9.1. There is unity in the family despite the differences

9.2. by doing its specific roles

9.3. promote it by building a bond among the members

10. Involve each other

10.1. Every member of the family is important. Include them in significant decision-making in family life.

11. Reward good behavior

11.1. excellent motivation for any family member

11.2. excellent motivation for any family member

12. Express gratitude

12.1. giving positive words and expressing gratitude.

12.2. Communicate with constructive words and affirmation.

13. Take time together

13.1. Spending time together helps to know each other better

13.2. promote authentic and stronger relationships

14. Ensure safety

14.1. members should feel safe and secured

14.2. Be sure that no abuses and domestic violence are happening among the members

14.3. Do not put your family in danger.

15. Pray always

15.1. Seek strength and help from God in all circumstances

15.2. A family that prays together stays stronger.

16. Accept failures

16.1. Nobody is perfect; everyone makes mistakes.

16.2. gives room for learning and improvement in your relationship.

17. Nourish each other

17.1. Nourish the family with kindness and gentleness.

17.2. Stop being rude or harsh toward each other.

18. Serve one another

18.1. treating everyone as important to you.

18.2. the burden of the family becomes lighter.