Suez Canal blockage

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Suez Canal blockage by Mind Map: Suez Canal blockage

1. Why in news?

1.1. Evergreen ship

1.1.1. Enroute from China to Europe Blocked the Suez Canal and stuck for days Affect Why it got stuck

1.1.2. Japan owned container ship One of the largest container ships 440 m long 59 m width

2. About the Suez Canal

2.1. Construction started under the reign of

2.1.1. Senausret III of Egypt

2.2. 120 Mile artificial waterway

2.3. Opened in

2.3.1. 1869

2.3.2. For international navigation

2.4. Vital international shipping passage

2.4.1. Handles about 10% global maritime traffic

2.5. Revenue for the Egypt government

2.5.1. Through tolls

2.5.2. $5.6 billion received In 2020

2.6. Where is it

2.6.1. Connects Port Said In Egypt On the Mediterranean sea To the Indian Ocean Via

2.7. Importance

2.7.1. More direct shipping between Europe Asia

2.7.2. Cuts Voyage time No need to circumnavigate Africa Affect

2.7.3. Keylink for shipping crude oil and other hydrocarbons From countries like Saudi Arabia To Europe and North America

3. Suez Crisis,1956

3.1. Suez Canal was owned and operated by

3.1.1. Universal Suez Canal Company Was given the right to construct and operate for 99 years British and French had majority stake in it After which rights were to be handed to the Egypt government

3.2. July 26,1956

3.2.1. Egypt President Abdul Nasser announced the nationalisation of Suez Canal Company Why Increase in political influence of Britain and France in the region Growing political tensions between Egypt and British Also offered economic compensation for the company Britain and French reaction Outraged Held secret military consultations with Israel Attacked by Israel Egypt’s Sinai Peninsula Britain and France also sent their forces

3.3. US response

3.3.1. President of USA ,Eisenhower Wanted to disassociate from European colonialism But worried Confrontation between Possible USSR intervention in the crisis

3.3.2. Steps taken Voted for UN resolutions Condemning Britain and France for the invasion Approved the creation of UN peacekeeping force Pressurised Britain and France to accept the UN ceasefire

4. Which country controls the Suez Canal now?

4.1. Egypt

4.2. British and French forces withdrew and control was shifted to Egypt

5. More conflict and closing of the Suez Canal

5.1. Egypt in 1967 ordered the peacekeeping forces to leave Sinai

5.1.1. Affect Conflict with Israel Israel occupied Sinai

6. Affect on India

6.1. Facts

6.1.1. China is 2nd

6.1.2. India is the top importer of crude oil and products via the Suez Canal 5 million barrels per day Affect Hike in crude oil prices

6.1.3. 6TH largest exporter of Crude products via the Suez Canal 200000 barrels per day Affect Loss of revenue if export route is blocked

6.2. main Hit

6.2.1. Import and export of Ethane With the US

6.2.2. Import of crude oil From Latin America