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News U by Mind Map: News U

1. Pасскажите, что у вас нового /что вы поделывали.

2. быть предметом газетных сообщений

3. We've got some good news for you. You've got the first prize in the competition.

4. I want to hear all your news.

5. good news/bad sad terrible news

5.1. I'm afraid I have some bad news to tell you.

6. a piece of news/an item of news

6.1. новость, известие

7. to be front page news

7.1. to be interesting enough to be on the front page of a newspaper

7.1.1. The flood in China is the front page news today. сенсационная новость

8. information about something that has happened recently

8.1. all your news

9. reports of recent events in the newspapers or on the radio or television

9.1. to be in the news

9.1.1. попасть на страницы газет; оказаться в центре внимания

9.1.2. Angelina Jolie is in the news again!

9.2. They've been in the news a lot recently because of their marital problems.

9.3. Have you heard the latest news from the Olympic Games?

9.3.1. последние известия

9.4. to make the news

9.4.1. to become important enough to be reported in a newspaper or news programme

9.5. latest news

10. the news

10.1. в передаче новостей

10.2. a regular television or radio programme that gives you reports of recent events

10.2.1. on the news We heard that item on the late news. — Мы слышали об этом в последней передаче новостей. Was there anything interesting on the news this evening?

11. news__

11.1. newspaper

11.1.1. a regularly printed document consisting of news reports, articles, pictures, advertisements that are printed on large sheets of paper, which is sold daily or weekly a short news programme on television or radio often about something that has just happened, or a short newspaper printed by an organisation информационный выпуск

11.1.2. to produce it in large quantities

11.1.3. to print a newspaper a newspaper that is printed on large paper; a quality newspaper широкоформатная газета

11.1.4. broadsheet someone who owns or works in a shop that sells newspapers and magazines газетный киоскёр, владелец газетного киоска

11.1.5. tabloid a type of popular newspaper with small pages which has many pictures and short simple reports малоформатная газета, бульварная гаета

11.2. newsagent

11.3. newsletter

11.3.1. one or several sheets of printed news sent regularly to a particular group of people

11.4. newsreader

11.4.1. someone who reads the news on television or radio диктор последних известий ( радио или телевидения ) информационный бюллетень учреждения, фирмы

11.5. newsflash

11.5.1. a brief news report on radio or television, giving the most recent information about an important or unexpected event короткое экстренное сообщение ( в газете, по радио )

11.6. news bulletin