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Bacteria/viruses & humans by Mind Map: Bacteria/viruses &
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Bacteria/viruses & humans

Humans & Drugs

Humans - create new drugs

Penicillin, kills bacteria

Drugs - become stronger when viruses adapt


bubonic plague



In the US nearly half of the drugs are unnecessary prescribed or wrong

Missuse and over use of antiobiotics = very dangerous

Multi drug resistence is a man - made problem

Predator vs. Prey

Newt vs Gardener Snake

Newt - very poisonus skin toxins

Garderner Snake - adapted to poison toxins

The Gardener snakes resistence to the newts toxins causes the newts to become more toxic which causes the gardener snakes to form a stronger resistence

Cheetah vs Deer

Both the deer and cheetah evolved over time and both became faster.

Bacteria vs Humans

Humans create drugs while bacteria becomes more resistent to the drugs, Drugs become stronger and viruses become more resistent

Many mutations that are keeping the viruses from winning

so many prescriptions will become drug resistent and soon bacteria will become untreatable


Problem (multi drug restistence) but it can also be a solution

Scientists can try to evolve bacteria to become less harmful

Toxins can become more or less toxic

Evolved bacteria, like wolves to dogs

Life Cycle


reproduce million times faster than humnas

There is good bacteria and Bad bacteria