Compass Handover

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Compass Handover by Mind Map: Compass Handover

1. 2021 Global Goal

2. Role & Responsibility

2.1. Global

2.1.1. Operations Yammer management Refer process in Compass channel Welcome new members PBM scheduling and delivery Refer process in Compass channel Quarterly recognition Refer process in Compass channel Quarterly live event Increase visibility at workplace (2020) to be defined by new regional lead in 2021 Content maintenance Pillar

2.1.2. Communication Monthly one and one with global lead Project team call

2.2. Regional

2.2.1. Define goal and plan

2.2.2. Drive regional enrollment and engagement Provide/design standard promotion documents Build project team career development competency (2020) Promote PBM for enrollment

2.2.3. Train facilitator PBM on LCMS Local languages - SC, TC, KN, JP Facilitator list (refer to manpower plan)

2.2.4. Fill quarterly report

3. Stakeholders

3.1. Atty

3.2. Remi

3.2.1. Get involved in quarterly live event Speaker Topic

3.3. Project Team

3.3.1. Global

3.3.2. Regional

3.4. Facilitators

4. Platforms

4.1. Global Compass Channel

4.2. AP Compass Channel

4.3. Compass Yammer Group

5. To do list

5.1. PBM Apr 23&29 by Joseph and Carmen

5.2. Compass live event on Q3

6. Challenges

6.1. Engage senior project team members

6.2. Learner engagement

7. Handover Timeline

7.1. Part 1: Apr 8

7.2. Part 2: Apr 9

8. Follow-up

8.1. Automatic notification to PBM learners

8.2. Notification for new enrollment learner

8.2.1. Change to theresa

8.3. L2 inserted to PBM class set up

8.4. Quarterly recognition _Circle

8.5. Feedback to Lisa that revoked learners will still be shown on report