He Carved My Name in a Tree

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He Carved My Name in a Tree by Mind Map: He Carved My Name in a Tree

1. because she told him to.

2. she fills her voids with his name

2.1. he fills his voids with her face

3. he can climb a tree-but he can't wash his socks.

4. he is 24 going on 56.

4.1. he has cataracts, asthma, eczema and rickety knees.

5. She met him 3 years ago

5.1. She knows everything about him.

5.1.1. She doesn't know if any of it is true.

6. He is the dirtiest germo-phobe she's ever met.

6.1. his hair is always dirty, but he won't touch public door knobs

7. They live together in a house in paradise.

7.1. neither of them can afford the rent

8. The constantly talk about their love

8.1. they rarely connect with the words

9. Their story starts in the mountains and ends in the canyons.

9.1. they dream together about ending up on top again

9.1.1. they have no mode of transportation.

10. the whole story takes place in the living room

10.1. it starts with an argument

10.1.1. leading into character breakdowns of their complex emotions and mannerisms that plague their relationship it soars through biased and edited memories that they shout at eachother and recall differently it ends where it starts because they are too stubborn that have it any other way