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YouthWorkOnline by Mind Map: YouthWorkOnline

1. Purpose

1.1. Supporting informal educators to use the web effectively in their work

1.2. developing & sharing good practice for online work with young people

2. Functionality

2.1. Connecting people with relevant interests

2.2. sharing resources

2.3. sharing projects

2.4. community support & advice

3. Services

3.1. offline events for networking & sharing ideas

3.2. supporting members to organise their own relevant events

4. audience

4.1. youth workers

4.2. young people/peer educators

4.3. freelance social media people interested in non profit stuff

4.4. other educators

5. Name/Brand

5.1. Stick with existing

5.2. New Youth Work specific name

5.3. Generic 'Digital' Informal Education name

5.4. neutral name (& develop the 'brand' as known for being the network for online youth work