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Net Zero by Mind Map: Net Zero

1. Why in news

1.1. John Kerry on a 3 day visit

1.1.1. Aim To rekindle climate change partnership Discussion on virtual climate leaders summit Convened by Joe Biden US is believed to commit to net zero emission target at it

1.1.2. John Kerry US president’s Special envoy on climate

2. What is it

2.1. Referred to carbon neutrality

2.2. Doesn’t mean country will bring its emission to net zero

2.3. It is a state in which country’s emissions are compensated by

2.3.1. Absorption and removal of GHG from the atmosphere By Creating more carbon sinks Requires futuristic technologies which are expensive Ex carbon capture Ex-carbon storage

3. Status in different countries

3.1. Laws enacted promising net zero emissions

3.1.1. UK

3.1.2. France

3.2. EU trying to make a law for the whole of EU bloc

3.3. Countries expressed intention to commit themselves to net zero future

3.3.1. Canada

3.3.2. South Korea

3.3.3. Japan

3.3.4. Germany

3.4. China

3.4.1. 2nd largest emitter of GHG

3.4.2. Promised to go net zero by 2060

3.5. India

3.5.1. 3rd largest emitter of GHG

3.5.2. Doesn’t want to commit to net zero

4. Why is it encouraged

4.1. only way to achieve Paris agreement target of keeping the planet’s temperature

4.1.1. From rising beyond 2 degree Celsius compared to Pre industrial times

4.2. Current policies and actions inadequate to achieve

4.2.1. Paris climate goals

5. India’s objections

5.1. Net zero formulation doesn’t assign any emission reduction targets

5.1.1. for any country

5.1.2. Affect Countries can keep emitting as much as they want provided they absorb all of it

5.1.3. Rich countries not held responsible for their past emissions The burden of climate change in turn is shared by everyone

5.2. if India wants to get people out of poverty

5.2.1. Emissions will happen coz of increased industrialisation India’s emissions are believed to happen at the fastest pace Afforestation and reforestation can’t compensate for it

5.3. carbon removal technology

5.3.1. Unreliable

5.3.2. Very expensive

5.4. Net Zero is not a part of the Paris Agreement

5.4.1. Paris agreement Countries to set 5 or 10 years climate targets for themselves Every subsequent target has to be ambitious than the previous one

5.5. Wants countries to complete its commitments under the Paris agreement

5.6. Commitments of other countries is problematic

5.6.1. Developed nations have never delivered on their past promises

5.6.2. No major country achieved its commitments under Kyoto Protocol

5.6.3. Some had openly walked out of Kyoto Protocol

5.7. Track record of countries

5.7.1. To provide money and technology to poor countries Is very poor

5.8. India feels net zero will have similar commitments problems

5.9. India doesn’t rule out possibility of carbon neutrality by 2050

5.9.1. But doesn’t want to make an international commitment