The Three Phases of Video Production

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The Three Phases of Video Production by Mind Map: The Three Phases of Video Production

1. Production

1.1. Standard Video

1.1.1. Lighting

1.1.2. Sequencing

1.1.3. Cut-aways & Cut-ins Plan for shooting techniques that allows for easy editing.

1.1.4. Stability of camera

1.2. Audio

1.2.1. Natural Noise from video

1.2.2. Music

1.2.3. Added voice-over or sounds

1.3. Digital Video

1.3.1. Screen Capture options SMARTBoard/SMART Software Insight 360™ Formative Instruction System Document Cameras

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2. Pre-Production

2.1. Time to Organize

2.1.1. Identifying the goals and objectives of your video.

2.1.2. Your target audience needs to be identified and scrutinized Who? Business People Students Parents Teachers Tone, temperament, attitudes and interests? Pace Style Language Music Length

2.1.3. Cost? How much are you willing to spend on this production?

2.2. Preparing an outline

2.2.1. Points you want to make

2.2.2. Identifying video's mission

2.2.3. Other factors that maybe necessary to promote video's purpose.

2.3. Making a Script

2.3.1. What will be seen?

2.3.2. What will be heard?

2.3.3. The order which these items will be presented.

2.3.4. Detail Video frame size Effects Lighting

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3. Post Production and Editing

3.1. Digitize Video

3.1.1. Video editing software Camtasia WeVideo Dartfish

3.1.2. Gather video from device From device via firewire/usb cable From webcam From digital capture device

3.1.3. Convert to proper file format for software

3.2. Input video into software

3.2.1. Use script to correctly align video in order

3.3. Effects

3.3.1. Utilize applications of software to add desired effects

3.3.2. Add text with desired effects

3.4. Delivery

3.4.1. Digital Media

3.4.2. Standard Media DVD Memory card/device

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