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1. Plasma

1.1. like a gas

1.1.1. be heated to high temperature

1.2. common

1.2.1. the most common matter in space

1.2.2. rare on Earth

2. States of Matter

2.1. Means: Forms of Matter

2.1.1. Made of particles packed together Tightly Loosely Very Loosely

2.1.2. 3 common states Solid Atoms Shape + Volume Liquid Atoms Volume + ( Shape of container) Gas Atoms Both volume + shape of container

3. Definition

3.1. Matter is anything

3.1.1. takes up space

3.1.2. has mass

3.2. Comparison to Energy

3.2.1. Energy no mass no volume

4. Phase Change

4.1. Definition

4.1.1. The change of matter's form.

4.2. Type:

4.2.1. Melting Add Temperature when transition starts Melting point

4.2.2. Evaporation Add Temperature when transition starts Boiling point

4.2.3. Freezing Remove Temperature when transition starts Freezing point

4.2.4. Condensation Remove Temperature when transition starts Condensation point

5. Properties of Matter

5.1. Definition

5.1.1. Specific characteristic of matter

5.2. Type

5.2.1. Physical be identified observe ( color, taste, hardness. e.g., ) measure ( mass. size 'n' shape, magnetism, e.g., )

5.2.2. Chemical be identified chemical reactions

5.3. Purpose

5.3.1. Identify matter Object Substance

5.4. Changing Matter

5.4.1. some/ all its properties change

5.4.2. Conservation of Mass During the change, the total amount of mass does not change.