6 Major Religions of the World-Composition

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6 Major Religions of the World-Composition by Mind Map: 6 Major Religions of the World-Composition

1. Christianity

1.1. Composition

1.1.1. Who: America, Europe, many people in different areas all over the world

1.1.2. What: Monotheist Beliefs, God, Jesus-Son of God-Different groups stem from main religion, same main ideas, can be practice in different ways

1.1.3. Where: America, Europe, mainly all over the world

1.1.4. How: Following the lessons and ieads of the Bible-based on the life of Jesus, and his beliefs and words

2. Islam

2.1. Composition

2.1.1. Who: Indonesians, Americans, Muslums

2.1.2. What: Monothestic, Allah-God, believing in, and abiding by "the exact word of God"

2.1.3. Where: Indonesia, America, North Africa, Middle East

2.1.4. How: Following the ideas of the Qur'an-text of religious ideas, Use prayer to analyze one's self, "connect" with God-Hajj-Holy trip to Mecca & Medina, religion's main land

3. Judaism

3.1. Composition

3.1.1. Who: Israelis, Americans, Europeans

3.1.2. What: Monotheistic, believe in/practice the ideas/scripture of Yaweh-God

3.1.3. Where: Europe, Israel, America, somewhat spread out over the world

3.1.4. How: Study the Torah, follow beliefs and customs of religion, study/speak Hebrew

4. Hinduism

4.1. Composition

4.1.1. Who: Indians, Americans-Considered 3rd largest religious population

4.1.2. What: Polythestic, Many different gods, re-incarnation- structured around a person being either "good" or "bad"

4.1.3. Where: India, Western Asia, America

4.1.4. How: Casts-People sorted into specific group using a structure-different positions for people who are considered either "good" or "bad"

5. Buddhism

5.1. Composition

5.1.1. Who: East Asians, Chinese, Americans, considered 4th largest religious population

5.1.2. What: Believing and following/practicing the ideas of the Buddha-man who reached "Nervana"

5.1.3. Where: East Asia, America

5.1.4. How: Trying to find "self center" by using meditation, ultimate goal is to reach "Nervana"

6. Atheism/Science

6.1. Composition

6.1.1. Who: Scandinavians, Americans, any possible group

6.1.2. What: No God/gods-Is another way of life

6.1.3. Where: Scandinavia, America, can be anywhere in the world

6.1.4. How: Self-created structure-Personal or small community ideas, customs, norms