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Advertising by Mind Map: Advertising

1. Is a one-way public communication that conveys a message regarding a product, service or company to the viewvers, readers and listeners.

2. Is for advertise a product or service of a company for commercial purposes.

3. Always speaks good about a product to pearsude the target audience to buy it.

4. There is a huge investment to be made for advertising a simple product.

5. Why you need advertising

5.1. Creates awareness for your content

5.2. You can control it.

5.3. Ads credibility to your message.

6. Social media paid advertising

6.1. Is a way to target audiences on specific networks through demographic information

6.2. You need to be strategic with the ad spend, content selection, etc.

7. Objectives of advertising

7.1. Increase the business by selling goods/services

7.2. Promotes newly launched products among the potential customers

7.3. Promote personal selling program

7.4. To enters national or international market and motivate new group of customers

8. Importance of advertisements

8.1. Provides awareness of the existence of the product to the customer.

8.2. Helps in providing various information about the advertising firm, its products, qualities and place of availabity of its products and so on.

9. Types of advertisments

9.1. Emotional

9.1.1. Personal appeal

9.1.2. Social appeal

9.1.3. Humor appeal

9.1.4. Sexual appeal

9.1.5. Many more

9.2. Rational

9.2.1. Pain

9.2.2. Testimonial

9.2.3. Beauty

9.2.4. Contrasting

9.2.5. Many more