The Poor Parson

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The Poor Parson by Mind Map: The Poor Parson

1. Religion

1.1. transcendentalism

1.2. anticlericalism

1.2.1. Lollardy

2. Religion

2.1. quotations from and references to the Holy Script

2.1.1. sheperd to his people

2.1.2. first acting, then teaching

2.1.3. rusting gold and iron criticism

3. Text by Chaucer

3.1. description

3.1.1. stave

3.1.2. activities visiting and helping people preaching the Gospel

3.1.3. behaviour holy thoughts and works a learned man patient in adversity New node benign and diligent generous humble

3.2. style

3.2.1. praises the Poor Parson

3.2.2. criticizes the Clergy direct interventions