It is about how I seIf advocate for myseIf

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I NEED by Mind Map: I NEED

1. SeIf Advocacy

1.1. Speaking Up

1.2. Fighting For Your Rights

1.3. Representing One's Action In Order To Improve Your Quality Life

2. Learned{SeIf Advocacy}

2.1. ProbIem SoIving

2.2. SeIf Determination

2.3. Building A Support Network

2.4. How To Speak Up For Yourself

2.5. Knowing When To Reach Out For Help

2.6. Knowing Your Rights And Responsibilities

2.7. Finding Out Who Will Help You In Your Journey

2.8. Making Your Own Decisions About Your Own Life

3. Easy{Self Advocating}

3.1. BeIieving In Yourself

3.2. Learning On How To Gather Information

3.3. Knowing Your Rights And Responsibilities

4. Difficult{Self Advocating}

4.1. Dealing With Fear And Denial

4.2. To Identify Areas Of Struggle

4.3. Advocating For Others Over Ourselves

4.4. Having Hard Time Figuring Out Exactly What Their Needs Or Desires Are

5. SeIf Advocating {Next Year}

5.1. Finding Creative Ways To Overcome Challenges

5.2. Having A Supportive System To Help With Motivation

5.3. Coping With Failure And Starting In Order To Succeed

5.4. Learning To Speak Up On My Behalf And Asking For What I Need

5.5. Learning To Take Charge For My Assignments And Being More Independent

6. Experience {SeIf Advocating}

6.1. I Approach A Teacher TeIIing Him Or Her That I Need Extra Time For A Test Or Assignment

6.2. By EmaiIing Your Teacher

6.3. By Speaking Up And Asking For Your Needs