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Altiris Sales Play by Mind Map: Altiris Sales Play

1. 6. True Software Lifecycle Mangement and Compliance

2. Top Selling Points against Altiris:

3. ServiceDesk

3.1. ServiceNow Sales Play

4. Mobile Management

4.1. Are you looking at Symantec Mobile Mgmt?

4.1.1. How important is it that you use a solution that has strong references? Matrix42 Mobile Sales Play, use the fact that Symantec has no reference accounts Symantec Mobile Mgmt. for Configuration Mgt is very hard to integrate into SCCM and takes Services to get it up and running

5. Asset Mangement

5.1. Did you know Symantec OEM's their Asset Solution?

5.1.1. Matrix42 Asset Sales Play

6. Asset Mangement

7. Deployment Solution

7.1. What version of Deployment Solution are you running?

7.1.1. 7.1 or Above

7.1.2. DS 6.9 Are you using DS for Inventory and Software Delivery No Yes

7.2. Ghost

7.2.1. Are you using Hardware Independent Imaging Yes Are you scripting it and if so how often do you have to update your images No How many images do you maintain?

8. Client Management Suite

8.1. What version of CMS are you using and what solutions are you utilizing?

8.1.1. 6.5 Do you have plans to upgrade to 7.1 and did you know it is a rip and replace

8.1.2. 7.1 or above Are you still using DS 6.9 Yes No

9. License Compliance mgmt.

10. 1. True Hardware Independent Imaging - With Altiris it is an add on solution by a third party

11. 2.Ability to image low bandwidth sites with ZERO touch

12. 3.Remote control over the Internet

13. 4.Packaging tools included - Altiris has a third party add-on solution which must be purchased

14. 5.Option to be hosted in off-site cloud or onsite cloud