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2060 by Mind Map: 2060

1. energy

1.1. Main energy sources are solar and nuclear enegry.

1.2. All coal and shale energy companies went down because 93% of countries banned coal energy production.

2. food

2.1. A lot of the forests have been cut down to make room for more fields.

2.2. Massive algae cultivation is big business for food, energy and other things

2.3. Animal husbandry is dying out, because scientist have found a way to imitate the taste of meat with plant based ingredients.

3. transportation

3.1. The planes have become very fast and the ships are not in use

3.2. All long distance journeys are made by magnetic trains and shorter journeys are made by self driving cars.

4. education

4.1. Ordinary schools are taught by artificial intelligence but some private schools still use teachers

4.2. Home schooling is becoming increasingly popular

5. artificial intelligence

5.1. Self-thinking, talking robots are common, 90% of mass production is automated, even production robots are repaired by robots.

5.2. All computer work is done by robots even 112 receptions are automated.

6. my life

6.1. I would be 66 years old and I would be a carpenter

6.2. I would live in a one bedroom apartment with my crab and my super hot wife

6.3. I wouldn't have a lot of work because hand-made wooden things are only bought by the super rich

7. sports

7.1. Physical sports are no longer that popular, e-sports have become more popular.

7.2. There have also created new sports like robot boxing and human vs. robot