Asst. Office ManagerPosition

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Asst. Office ManagerPosition by Mind Map: Asst. Office ManagerPosition

1. Job Expectations

1.1. Reconcile - make sure MB and QB match

1.2. AR - make sure Failed Autopays are taken care of

1.3. Audit MB

1.3.1. No Unauthorized Tx - Make sure no non-legit Comps

1.3.2. No Unauthorized Discounts

1.4. Expense - Make sure all Expenses are legit & paid on time

1.5. QB - make sure QB is always accurate and upto date

1.6. Payroll is done accurately and timely

1.7. AUTOMATE CONSTANTLY - Try to automate all processes to improve efficiency

1.8. Performance Review

1.9. Similar job expectations for supply, equipment, reports and Training

2. Job D2D Activities

2.1. Timeclock - monitor and correct as needed

2.2. MB

2.2.1. see Above under Job Duties - MB - Audit Sales

2.3. Televox

2.4. Reconcile

2.4.1. Reconcile MB sales>Daily Rec report w Bank

2.4.2. Reconcile Autopays

2.4.3. Reconcile QB = download to QB & make sure bank a/c matches QB

2.4.4. Expenses - Check and Audit cr card activity, Bank activity

2.5. Update Chase Credit card expense Excel Sheet

2.6. Refunds

2.7. Go to Post Office

2.8. Customer Service Issues (BBB etc)

2.9. Travel - Book hotel

2.10. Pay bills - eg Taleo expired needed to be paid ASAP

3. Job Duties

3.1. Accounting

3.1.1. Reconcile - Make sure MB matches QB MB - Daily Rec = Match it with Bank a/c Bank a/c = download to QB and ensure it's accurate

3.1.2. QB - make sure QB is always accurate and Uptodate

3.1.3. AR - collect failed AR

3.1.4. Expenses Pay bills Pay Taxes - monthly sales Tax Texas & NM Watch for FRAUD and non-legit expenses see where expenses could be cut to SAVE company money look in advance to improve paying bills next time Try to make paying bills AUTOMATIC

3.1.5. MB - Audit Sales check and assign 'acct on payment' to unassigned check for Unauthorized discounts (more than 50%) Check for Unauthorized Treatments (Comp)

3.2. HR

3.2.1. Payroll Process Payroll Accurately and Timely Pay raises/cuts

3.2.2. Hiring Place Ads for New Hires On-boarding (New Hire) Checklist Off-boarding (Termination) Checklist HR/Acct Orientation (Training)

3.2.3. EE benefits Health Insurance Life Insurance

3.2.4. Company Insurance Property & Gen Liability Dr K Medical Liability - TMLT

3.3. MB

3.4. Staff Training

3.5. Supply Chain& Equipment Management

3.5.1. Equipment Inventory - contracts, warranties, insurance etc

3.5.2. Equipment Repairs

3.5.3. Equipment Pulse Counts & Consumption Analysis

3.5.4. Ordering Supplies & Consumption Analysis

3.6. Reports

3.6.1. All KPI Reports

3.6.2. Burn, SG, Refunds, Cust complaints etc

3.7. Misc

3.7.1. Televox

3.7.2. New Projects - eg get clinics to do photos, EMR, checkout pts, daily recs, etc

4. Job Description

4.1. HR

5. Learning Systems

5.1. QB

5.2. Login to all Bank a/c and Cr Card a/c

5.3. Surepayroll/HRO

5.3.1. Onboarding checklist - How to Enter New Hired employee into the system for Payroll, Insurance

5.3.2. Offboarding Checklist - delete EE

5.3.3. Training Checklist = Show how to apply for Vacation, paystub, W2

5.3.4. Ongoing Activity Approve and track vacation time, insurance etc

5.4. Primenet - Timeclock

5.4.1. Onboarding checklist - Enter New EE

5.4.2. Offboarding checklist - Delete EE

5.4.3. Training Checklist = Show new EE how to use it

5.4.4. Ongoing Activity Monitor, edit timeclock - Check Daily Download report for Payroll day Download Misc reports - as needed

5.5. Taleo

5.6. Dropbox

5.6.1. Acct Folder

5.6.2. HR Folder

5.6.3. Repoprts

5.7. MB

5.7.1. All of it

5.7.2. Reports > Sales >Sales

5.7.3. Sales by Rep Report

5.7.4. Onboarding checklist - How to Add EE

5.7.5. Offboarding checklist -How to 'inactive EE'