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Interactions between Humans & Microbes by Mind Map: Interactions between Humans & Microbes
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Interactions between Humans & Microbes

Humans & Drugs

Humans - create new drugs

Drugs - become stronger when viruses adapt

In the US nearly half of the drugs are unnecessary prescribed or wrong

Multi drug resistence is a man - made problem

How Bacteria Causes Illness


Normal Bacteria

Other Bacteria

Some Bacteria

Defense agaisnt Bacterial Disease

Diseases have started to decline


Defense against Viral Diseases

Hygiene - limits spread

Immune System - provides basis for preventing certain viral and bacterial infections occuring at all (major weapon)

Vaccines - immune system to defend against actual pathogen

HIV - Retrovirus

Aids - serious viral disease it attacks cells of the immune system

Retrovirus - reverse usual DNA to RNA flow of genetic info. in process called transcription


Acetinobacter (Iraqbacter) - became resitant to commonly used antiobiotics

Penicillin became resistant in 1941

Vancomycin became resistant in 2002