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Diary Entry by Mind Map: Diary Entry

1. Purpose

1.1. Keep a record of a day's events

1.2. To privately express our feelings about something.

2. Style

2.1. Content

2.1.1. Personal recount

2.1.2. Personal and Immediate

2.1.3. Personal feelings and private thoughts

2.1.4. Similar to talking to and sharing your feelings with someone.

2.1.5. Allows you to express your feelings

2.1.6. Allows you to think about the events you are writing about.

2.2. Features

2.2.1. Commonly begins with a 'Dear Diary'

2.2.2. First statement generally gives an overview of what the entry would be about.

2.2.3. You may end your entry with 'Love, (your name)', although it is not unnecessary

3. Language

3.1. Grammar

3.1.1. Personal Nouns Since it is a personal recount, it should involve you

3.1.2. The Simple Present Tense and the Simple Past Tense A diary entry is usually about the immediate past and present

3.1.3. Time Connectors A diary entry recounts how someone's day progresses Use time connectors to link actions and events.

3.1.4. Contractions Informal tone Since a diary entry is personal, contractions are allowed. Not advisable

3.2. Vocabulary

3.2.1. Make the diary entry interesting Use descriptive words