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Who am I? by Mind Map: Who am I?

1. Birth Family

1.1. Polish

1.1.1. Catholic Working Class

1.2. My Traditional Value Base

2. Gender

2.1. Female

2.2. Reject traditional stereotypes associated with my gender along with the other gender.

3. Region

3.1. Working Class

3.1.1. North East

3.2. Middle Class

3.2.1. Suburbs Florida

3.3. I identify with working class and middle class

4. Group

4.1. Race-White

4.1.1. Do not associate my self with "traditional" suburban whites.

4.2. Ethnic Group

4.2.1. Consider ethnic group and gender my primary identifies

5. Key Experiences

5.1. Junior Year High School: My Friend Terri came out as a lesbian, It was 1976

5.2. Obama Election: I removed my bi-racial children from Catholic School based on racist, closed minded commentaries by my Catholic peers.

5.3. Hip Surgery: vowed I would never allow myself to be in this condition EVER AGAIN

5.4. Motherhood: Truly, the birth of my both of my children was the closest thing to a miracle I have experienced

5.5. Douglass College: Double Majored, Double Minored and became a feminist at this women's college. Active friends with my five college room mates.

6. Sexuality

6.1. Heterosexual

6.1.1. Bi-Curious

6.2. Do no believe in a polarized view of sexuality on some spectrum.

7. Body Image

7.1. Hour Glass FIgure

7.1.1. Early Development Never really appreciated the overt sexist comments from the get go based on my appearance

7.2. Post Kids

7.2.1. Weight Gain Overweight Hip Surgery

7.3. Big 60

7.3.1. 5 years of working out Feel Healthy and Fit Look Great

8. Legal Status

8.1. American Citizen

8.1.1. Polarized Climate Mosaic versus Melting Piot

8.2. American Culture is diverse and should not be controlled by white power privilege. We are multi-cultural.

9. My Family

9.1. Bi-Racial

9.1.1. Bi-Ethnic Bi-Lingual Liberal

9.2. My Family of choice is liberal and kind of cool

10. Friend Groups

10.1. Racial Diversity

10.1.1. Ethnic Diversity Age Diversity Gender Diversity

10.2. Truthfully, I have been blessed with a great variety of friends. I still connect with high school and college friends and continue making new friends