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Juno by Mind Map: Juno

1. Key Events That Develop The Narative

1.1. Event/Moment

1.1.1. How it develops the narative How Production Techniques Influence The Audiences Views

1.2. When Juno has sex with Bleeker

1.2.1. This causes her to get pregnant and is the basis of the whole film

1.3. When Juno decides not to go through with the abortion

1.3.1. The challenge of finding and arranging an adoption drives the narrative of the film as well as allowing Juno’s character to be defined by the choices she makes (choosing to adopt out, choosing a family and choosing love over perfection).

1.4. When Juno tells her parents that she is pregnant

1.4.1. It helps develop the narrative because it is what the rest of the narrative is about No music was used in this scene when Juno confesses to her parents that she is pregnant. Which helps to escalate the awkwardness and the anxiety that she would be feeling when she tells her parents.

1.5. When Juno puts her unborn child up for adoption

1.5.1. It allows for the viewer to be introduced other characters (e.g. Vanessa and Mark) The Production Techniques used to introduce Mark and Vanessa and to make the audience feel somewhat light-hearted and kind towards them is by

1.5.2. Provides audience with a problem in the narrative

1.6. Mark meeting Juno

1.6.1. Mark wants to unpack his whole life that has piled up in boxes at his home. The viewer goes on a journey with Juno and Mark as we get to see how he rediscovers his life.

1.7. Mark and Vanessa adopting Juno's baby

1.7.1. this act introduces the adoptive parents to the narrative and helps the storyline to build and increase

1.8. Juno having the baby

1.8.1. The production techniques for this part of the film are quite close up and they use some blurred focus techniques to help the viewer to focus on specific things. The music given in this scene provides the audience with link to the feelings that Juno is feeling and going through.

2. Relationships That Develop Between The Characters

2.1. Juno and Vanessa

2.1.1. Although Juno and Vanessa don't have much in common apart from they both want what is best for the baby. The influence that Juno has on her husband makes her worried and less confident in her.

2.2. Juno & Mark

2.2.1. Share a love in music and can relate to each other in those aspects. shown in the multiple scenes that they have together playing the guitar and stuff

2.3. Juno and her step mum Brenda

2.3.1. 'Bren' and Juno's relationship seems to grow immensely over the course of the pregnancy. Brenda takes Juno to the doctor, the ultrasound and stands up for Juno.

2.4. Mark and Vanessa

2.4.1. Seem to be really close and happy together but later we see that Mark is not ready to have a baby and does not have the same aspirations as Vanessa and that their life goals are quite different which later in the film leads to their divorce.

2.5. Juno and Leah

2.5.1. These two friends relationship stay the same in the film or if not becomes stronger. Leah doesn't treat Juno differently because of her pregnancy instead supports her in every way possible. (ie. being their when Juno tells her parents about the baby.)

2.6. Juno & Bleeker

2.6.1. Relationship between then changes from friends into something stronger and more meaningful

2.6.2. As the pregnancy progresses, Juno struggles with the emotions she feels for the baby's father, Paulie, who is clearly in love with Juno. Juno maintains an outwardly indifferent attitude toward Paulie, but when she learns he has asked another girl to the upcoming prom, she angrily confronts him. Paulie reminds Juno that it is at her request they remain distant and tells her that she broke his heart. It is then when Juno realises that she is truly in love with Bleeker and has been all along. By then end of the film, they are on good terms and have a strong relationship.

2.7. Carol (Bleeker's mum) and Juno

2.7.1. It is not clear whether Juno ever was on good terms with Carol however during the pregnancy, Carol dislikes it when Juno converses with her son.

2.7.2. Juno has a comedic approach to Carol's feelings towards her. She is aware that Carol does not like her but Juno doesn't like Carol either. The way Juno goes about people who don't like her is humorous. And the audience react in that way.

2.8. Mac and Juno

2.8.1. Mac wants Juno to know that he's always there for her. this is shown in the intimate camera angles that the director has had.

2.8.2. Mac and Juno's father-daughter relationship grows stronger and thicker as Juno goes through this tough time. They discover that they love each other enough and care enough for each other, that they can get through anything, even situations like teenage pregnancy.

3. How Characters Develop and Change

3.1. For Each

3.1.1. Motivations

3.1.2. Decisions

3.1.3. Influences

3.2. Juno

3.2.1. Juno's motivation to keep the baby is Mark and Vanessa

3.2.2. She decides not to go through with the abortion, to keep going with the pregnancy, and at the end to give it to Vanessa even though Mark had left her.

3.2.3. Her friend Leah influences her at the start telling her to look in the "Penny Saver", the local newspaper, for some parents who are looking to adopt a baby.

3.2.4. Juno decides not to see the baby and to not have anything to do with it

3.3. Bleeker

3.3.1. His love for Juno motivates him to stay with her and to support her with any decision that she makes the way that he looks at her shows that he does still care.

3.4. Mark

3.4.1. Mark primary reason for finally divorcing Vanessa is because of the influence that Juno has had on him, she has reminded him of what he has been missing for some time and he longs to rediscover his rocker life.

3.4.2. Marks view and feelings for Vanessa change throughout the story changes the chemistry between them by showing awkwardness and being apart more and him liking Juno's company too much

3.5. Vanessa

3.5.1. Is motivated my the idea of being a mother.

3.5.2. Vanessa decides to keep the baby even though Mark is gone Vanessa keeps the baby even though she is going to have to be a single mother

3.6. Brenda

3.6.1. This step mother becomes warming and supportive of her step daughter.

3.7. Mac

3.7.1. Mac is understanding and supporting of juno throughout the process. He dresses like a typical not-so-rich father that wants the best for his children. The camera angles are up and close to his face, which shows the compassion in his eyes.

3.8. Leah

3.8.1. Leah is a helpful friend The clothes that she wares gives the the viewers an idea about her personality. (strange)