Quadrilateral Shapes

A mind map for " Quadrilateral Shapes "...... We can view what is a quadrilateral shape and examples of it with classification of it too!!!! Hope you guyzz like it !!!!😊😊😊

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Quadrilateral Shapes by Mind Map: Quadrilateral Shapes

1. What are Quadrilateral Shapes?

1.1. Quadrilateral is a polygon

1.1.1. It is 4-sided It has 4 angles

2. Examples for Quadrilateral Shape

2.1. Rhombus

2.1.1. Square Parallelogram Rectangle ▆ It is a parallelogram of 4 right angles. ▱ It has two pairs of parallel sides.

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2.1.3. It is a rhombus with 4 right angles.

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2.3. It has 4 sides of equal length.