Microorganisms: Friend and Foe

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Microorganisms: Friend and Foe by Mind Map: Microorganisms: Friend and Foe

1. can be

1.1. useful organisms

1.1.1. used by people to make food and medicines

1.1.2. in ecosystems (role in) decomposing (to) recycle nutrients

1.2. harmful organisms

1.2.1. can be prevented by washing hands sterilizing

1.2.2. as they cause diseases (some have) cures (developed by) tuberculosis: Cough AIDS: fever, sore throat malaria

2. include

2.1. viruses

2.2. bacteria

2.3. fungi

2.4. protista

3. are

3.1. living things

3.2. microscopic, can be only seen under microscope

4. Microorganisms

4.1. Microorganisms: the organisms which we cannot see through our naked eyes are called microorganisms

4.2. Bacteria

4.2.1. single celled

4.2.2. may be found in colonies

4.2.3. can be in any shape. example- cocci, rod shaped, spiral shaped

4.2.4. examples: rhodobacter, E.Coli

4.3. Fungi

4.3.1. chlorophyll absent

4.3.2. saprophytic:they eat on dead and decaying matter parasitic: living on host

4.3.3. example: yeast, mushroom, mould

4.4. Protozoa

4.4.1. heterotrophs: they survive on other plants or animals. They are unable to make their own food.

4.4.2. mostly aquatic, usually found in water.

4.4.3. examples: amoeba, paramoecium

4.5. Algae

4.5.1. colonial can be seen in groups

4.5.2. filamentous means threadlike structures

4.5.3. also aquatic. The green substances floating on water surfaces, on ponds and lakes.

4.5.4. examples: spirogyra the filamentous and colonical can be volvox

4.6. Viruses

4.6.1. virus is an infectious agent of small size and simple composition that can multiply only in living cells

4.6.2. examples: influenza virus, chicken pox virus.