"I Wish I Had Glasses Like Rosa"

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"I Wish I Had Glasses Like Rosa" by Mind Map: "I Wish I Had Glasses Like Rosa"

1. Abby

1.1. short, red hair

1.2. freckles

1.3. wants to wear glasses like Rosa

2. Rosa

2.1. Glasses

2.2. dark hair

2.3. wants to have freckles like Abby

3. Glasses that Abby wore

3.1. Grandma's glasses

3.2. Swim goggles

3.3. Glasses made of clay

3.4. Father's party glasses w/ a fake mustache

3.5. Safety glasses for building

4. Things that Rosa and Abby do together.

4.1. built bird house together

4.2. At Abby's grandma house

4.2.1. Both were best friends

4.3. At the beach together